Her Husband Left Before She Could Tell Him The Exciting News, Would He Regret It If He Knew?

Published on 02/06/2021

It was supposed to be an ordinary day, except it wasn’t. They were just doing their normal daily routine when she found out her husband decided to leave her out of the blue. She did not expect it at all and she was completely heartbroken. However, tables have turned and now she will have her revenge…

Happily Married

Laura has always thought that her husband was happy and everything was doing well in their marriage. She was shocked when she came home one day to find a note written by her husband, Jack. Jack left Laura for her sister and the best he could do to avoid confrontation was to leave her a note.

A Massive Curveball

However, he didn’t expect what happened while he was writing the note. Laura shocked him with news that he could have never seen coming. What exactly happened to her?

The Heartbreaking Letter

Laura was having a difficult time keeping her composure as she read the note Jack left on the counter. “That’s the end of a seven-year marriage,” was all she could think about. Her response was totally normal. Anyone in her position would react the same way, if not worse.

Goodbye Forever

She continued reading even though she was having a hard time understanding every word written. On top of that, Jack addressed her ‘Dear wife’. He began writing by saying that he will leave her forever. Why couldn’t he do this in person?

Drastic Ending

It seems like the declaration was too final to be so blunt, and yet it was too drastic at the same time. Laura didn’t know that Jack was having a problem with her. She understood how deeply ignorant she was of the issues she and her husband had if she was indifferent to her own actions.

Cloud Nine

From the moment she returned home, Laura was in a wonderful mood. Unfortunately, that was due to news she had just received. Laura was pleased, as she was inspired to look out her discoveries on the internet. Unfortunately, the joy she was experiencing dissipated just as she pulled up to their driveway.

A Hard Confession To Hear

As soon as she returned home, she couldn’t wait to share the news with her husband. But, as she arrived home, to her dismay, the conversation was already under the kitchen table. Insulting her, just rubbed her the wrong way, enough to lower her morale even further, both of which brought her mood to a stop, leaving her unable to express the anxiety she was feeling.

Her Own Sister

In addition, her husband was abandoning her for her very own sister, as well as her sister-in-law, who he “married” a few months ago. Please read Jack’s letter. In the letter, Jack said he was a decent man, husband, and father for the entire seven years of their marriage, yet still had nothing to show for it.

The Last Straw

He went on to state that the past two weeks had been a disasterous for him. As her employer called shortly telling her she had just left her job, it was the last straw that Jack could bear. He no longer could handle the medication and he was out.

The Moment Has Passed

No, that was not it. Jack had a lot to say, and so he wrote his novel. Members of the Committee remember that in the letter, Jack said that the week before, Laura came home and did not even mention the fact that Jack gotten had a new haircut and was wearing new silk boxers.

No Connection

He was disappointed that Laura finished her dinner in two minutes and did not watch her tv programs and then go to bed almost immediately afterward. He wrote about the fact that Laura did not tell him she loved him anymore and how he does not want anything that binds them as a married couple.

Signed, Your Ex

Jack wrote a letter and started with the statement that Laura either lied on him or that she did not care about him anymore. He was confident that they were all the same, but didn’t know which was the right one. In addition, he signed the letter as ‘your EX husband’.

Don’t Come Looking

Worrying over the bad part of the letter was worse than trying to actually read it. Jack added a “do not try and find me” postscript. As a result, Laura did not try and search for him because he was going to West Virginia along with her sister. It is amazing to believe!

Bold Statements

Laura started off the day by having one of the best days of her life, but then she got the letter that her husband had sent, and that led her to go through one of her hardest days. Not only because her husband of seven years was (has suddenly) abandoned her, but because he was in fact leaving her for her own sister.

The Perfect Time

And as it turned out, the letter from Jack was specifically sent to Laura at the perfect time. If he had waited only one more day to write the note, Laura wouldn’t have learned about how he really felt. She wouldn’t have cared about his infidelity, although she must have thought it was just a rumor.

Lots Of Cash

I wonder what the incredible news Mike just heard was. I know what the amazing news is. It’s hardly a surprise that such devices have been designed. We’ve got a treat for you. It requires a lot of money and plenty of it. Hm, I wonder if the lady really had to hide…

An Upside

Well…she had just won the lottery. The lottery! So, even though she was upset and hurt from the letter and from losing her husband, she was also happy that she won the lottery and now had loads of cash.

Meeting In College

When they first met, Laura, Jack, and Dave were going to work. However, they first didn’t first have a good connection. Though they went to the library and worked together a lot, the two originally would never have physical contact until he was on his third date with her. Jack wanted to drop out of college to better handle the finances at the pub.

The Downfall

Owing to the fragility of their friendship, neither Jack nor Laura would have ever felt that it wouldn’t last long. As they first met, he was an entirely different person from the one he met first. I wonder if this is what eventually contributed to their marriage’s eventual demise.

Polar Opposites

Laura came from a family that was affluent, and she was hard–working in college to receive her degree. In the one side, Jack had a part-time job as a bartender, and he didn’t have any dreams that his job alone could satisfy. When Laura’s parents figured out that Jack was going to propose to her at that time, they weren’t at all accepting of it.

Romeo And Juliet

From the beginning of the relationship, Jack’s parents didn’t approve of him and Laura. They expected Laura to be with someone who would probably give her more than Jack was willing to give her. However, it was too late at this point- Laura had already fallen in love with her boyfriend and didn’t think about what her parents felt anymore.

A Love Story

When Jack knew his passion for Laura was not enough to hold him alive forever, he thought of other reasons to keep himself around. Although Laura’s parents loved her, they forced their daughter to do things that she didn’t want to do. They did this in order to show off how much they loved her.


As a result, Laura wanted to move in with Jack. Seven years later, she found herself wishing she had listened to her parents, and grown up to the person they raised. With all that happened, parents still think that’s the right decision.

The Recent Grad

The same day Laura graduated from college, she moved right into a one-room apartment with her boyfriend. At first everything was going really well, however, things quickly took a turn for the worse. The young college graduate was all too new to work at Sirius.

Full Of Hope

When Jack got older, he learned to embrace apartments with tiny and grimy surroundings. The walls and ceiling of the bathroom were old, jaded and stained. The heater never worked and was a low level maintenance issue. It was just the same, Laura holding on to the optimism that made her think things would get better in time.

New Experiences

And though she had only stayed with her boyfriend for a short time, she was excited about it. It was just a different idea to her. In Laura’s life, everything was falling into place. So many things were going well for her, like finding the love of her life. Little did she know that…

Unexpected Ending

Laura felt like the lowest human being in the world wanted the smallest of human beings to regard her as an equal, but it was still too late for that. Still, Laura had to tell Jack the good news, but now all she could think of was the bombshell she still had to tell him.

Sweet Revenge

She had to remind him how much of a mistake he had made in her mind. The girl decided to get vengeance. With all the contributions to her children’s tuition, Laura still wished to have enough funds to purchase a lottery ticket. It emerged at the ideal moment and contributed to the correct inference.

Everyday Life

This was a story with a very different ending. It should have been a love story about two people who overcame challenges to be together and make their marriage succeed, leaving this world together and receiving everlasting happiness. Surely, it is not one of those tragic stories.

Coming To An End

After some time, Jack and Laura’s marriage continued to fall apart. They knew each other well through their marriages, and all of those relationships died through the normal course of time. The end will come in many ways, from culinary competitions to one night stands – and sometimes from simple misdemeanors from a minor misunderstanding.

The Life She Knew

Before she read the letter Jack sent to her, Jack meant the world to Laura, and would always do. At the age of sixteen she just wanted to be with her boyfriend, even though he would not be able to give her the life she always dreamed of.

It Didn’t Feel Right

After meeting, the pair realized money had come a long way and was necessary for prudent use. At the exact moment when Laura promised to support Jack financially. She got a waitressing job at one of the restaurants close to their flat. As it happened, she started getting skeptical about five years back.

Gut Feeling

Laura further claimed that she decided to spend all her time with Jack, so she began going to see him at his workplace, which was a pub. The key reason she wanted to spend more time with her lover was that her life could be easier for her future children, but after a while of this, she started seeing certain signs that her husband could be cheating on her.

Feeling Uncertain

Even Laura, who happened to be at the bar, began to look at all those around her for suspicious signals, but she managed to ignore her own doubts. As she could have went for her heart, she might have guessed better. Since she had left, she had discovered that her feelings of confusion were in fact more than just feelings.

Lucky Strike

When Laura was older she began playing the lottery every day in order to try to win. But even though she just won, she wanted to play. She was somehow influenced by the byproduct when she purchased this lucky lotto ticket. She had confidence in this ticket because of its potential to be a winner.


At some point, Laura won a lottery draw. She did not believe it. And if her dedication was missing for some time period, she was able to make the rest of it worth it gradually. The hardest part of the case was that her partner left her before she had the opportunity to tell him what she was doing.

Hawaii Trip

Since she won, the first thing she did was book two tickets to Hawaii as a special celebration for the couple to enjoy. Clearly, on reading his note, she had a change of mind and no longer wished to go on vacation. Also, she clearly didn’t want to see him ever again.

Not A Cent

She tried to let him realize that it was going to be a huge stretch for him to prove to her that he deserved her lottery money and that, at the same moment, she did not want him back. Aim for the stars. It almost makes our heads spin when we hear news from Jack. It’s likely he was bashing his own head against a brick.

The Big Win

In spite of his letter of resignation, Laura could not resist feeling glad about winning the lottery. The thought had been playing in her mind. “What will be do with the money?” She was hoping that, in addition to her for-profit work, she should fly around the world, buy a big home, a luxury car, or, maybe, a yacht.

Laura’s Letter

The first thing she wanted to do was reply to Jack. She opened her letter with the words “Dear ex-husband”, and she immediately took a break to tell him how it feels to receive his letter. She clearly said that a man had beat her so badly that she was forced to get emergency care after lying in a pool of blood, despite being at his side for seven years.

Wrong Sister

Then, she said that she figured that the favorite recipe that he made for her must have been made particularly for her sister. And then, Charlie did not even want to check pork until they even met. Since it was a very boring and simple communication, it was far from her last words.

The Real Jack

When Laura saw Jack in his new boxers and turned away, she explained it was because she saw the $49.99 price tag on them and hoped it was a coincidence. Why? Because her sister had borrowed $50 from her that very morning.

Tried To Deny It

All the same, Laura still loved him and wanted to work on things with him. It seems that all those suspicions she had about Jack being unfaithful were, in fact, real, even though she didn’t want to believe them.

The Lottery Win

Just to clarify, Laura wrote that the only reason she quit her job that day was that she won $15 million in the lottery. She thought spending time with him was more important than sitting at a desk working all day.

The Real Reason

However, once she read the letter, all that changed. If only he knew the real reason she quit her job! She told him that everything happens for a reason, and she hoped he got the life fulfillment he always wanted.

Mixed Feelings

Laura felt extreme rejection and humiliation on the front end of the relationship. She understood that she had to deal with them before she could worry of how she would spend the money on her lottery ticket.

Quite Overwhelming

There was a lot of money involved in this matter, and she had to give it some consideration before deciding how to approach it. She had so much to think about which made the last couple of days so stressful for her. Winning the lottery is no joke or walk in the park.

A Pro

What remained to be sorted out was the distribution of the estate between Jack and Laura. Seeing that they were together, Laura contacted her lawyer. His name is Jason Kurland, a lawyer who is willing to help people win the lottery. As she spoke, she told him the whole story of Jack and her love letters.


His specialty was in developing investment solutions for customers who win the lottery. However, it was a new discovery in relation to his ex-husband divorces. You are proving to be a daunting legal challenge for even the most seasoned attorneys.

A Deep Dark Secret

Laura’s lawyer said that Jack made it clear in the letter that he had every intention of never receiving any of her lottery winnings. Laura added something she wasn’t sure whether she told Jack before or anyone outside of her family and she wasn’t sure if she’d tell him at all.