Man Gets Mocked By Girl At Prom, Years Later He Gets The Last Laugh

Published on 12/28/2020

It Has To Be A Joke

Anthony was mortified, in his tracks, frozen. That was a joke of some kind, right? He couldn’t believe that she had done something like this to him, and even in front of everybody. In humiliation, Antony stood, and his head started to spin. Like an over-ripe tomato, he could feel his cheeks flush, and he ran far away, as quickly as he could. He figured it couldn’t make things any worse, but he was so wrong.

Fast-Food Fanatic

Anthony Bayer was a self-proclaimed fast-food addict. Burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizzas – Anthony ate all the kinds of food that most people have as a weekend treat. Single-day each. His family tried their best to make him eat well, but somehow Antony would still get hold of unhealthy foods. The more he ate Antony, the larger he became. But it was just brushed off by him. The food tasted too good for him not to eat, but Antony had no idea what he had in store.

Being Bullied

Anthony was mocked by everyone at school, regularly taunting him about his looks. Even a couple of his teachers were going to make subtle and harsh Antony digs. He tried to hide his discomfort and shame but began to sink into a dark pit more and more. It couldn’t get worse, he thought, but little did he know what was coming.

He Had No Friends

Anthony will gorge on junk and fast-food every day. He will have a meatball sub, two pizzas for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner for breakfast. He couldn’t help himself; it was the only way he could cope with the cruel school taunts. He tried to laugh at the harsh words, but they clung to his emotions like grease on a piece of fried chicken. He felt unwanted and utterly isolated, but the lowest point for Antony was yet to come.

Prom Was Near

Prom was approaching, and anxious girls and boys were standing in the school corridor waiting for the most memorable night of the year to be asked out. Anthony rejected the notion of going to prom as soon as it was revealed. You couldn’t catch him there in some way. But then, when he was confronted in math class by Molly, a popular girl at his school who didn’t look out of place on the cover of Vogue, he had no idea what was in store for him.

The Beautiful Girl

Molly, flashing her Hollywood smile, walked up to Anthony. In his stomach, Anthony felt butterflies. She was one of the prettiest girls he’d seen. “Will you go to the prom with me,” Molly asked. Anthony was speechless. “Erm, yeah sure,” he quietly replied, his cheeks blushing bright red. Molly gave a smile of joy and walked away. Within, there was a blast of enthusiasm from Anthony. He was so happy, and he knew that his mother would also be happy! Anthony knew nothing about what was happening to him.

Prom Night

Antony had rented a fancy suit and had even splashed out on a limousine so that he and Molly could arrive in style at the prom. The day of the prom soon arrived. After all, when do guys like Anthony ever get asked out by girls like Molly? He knew he couldn’t screw this up. He had no idea his whole life was about to come crashing down when he kissed his parents goodbye and hoped into the limousine, ready to pick up his date.

His Date

Anthony pulled up to Molly’s place, donning his fancy suit and limousine. As he got out of the car and walked to her front entrance, he felt his heartbeat race. He was super anxious, and when the doorbell rang, his hands were trembling. He took a deep breath and waited for it to appear on his date. The door opened after a few minutes, and Molly emerged. For the remainder of his life, what she did next would leave Antony scarred.

They Laughed At Him

Molly, who looked like she was ready to grace a Hollywood red carpet, started laughing at Antony. Behind Molly, a group of people emerged and joined the laughter. Did he have crumbs of cookies on him? Did he leave a smudge or a cream for shaving? Why did she laugh? The explanation for her laughter turned out to be way worse than a simple cookie crumb or shaving cream blob.

His World Collapsed

“You’re just a big joke,” said Molly, laughing at Anthony and pointing at him. Hearing those words, Anthony could feel the world around him collapsing. How could anyone be so cruel? He was mortified. He felt tears run down his face, and, as quickly as he could, he ran back into the limousine and headed back home. It was the cruelest thing ever encountered by Anthony.

He Went Home

When Anthony arrived home, he raided his parent’s fridge — it was lucky that they were out. As he gulped down everything that he could get his hands on, he brushed away the tears. He knew people were going to hear about the heartbreaking joke. He was sure he was going to be a laughingstock at school on Monday. And he had been right.

More Humiliation

The next Monday, as he arrived at school, his friends laughed and retold the story of him being publicly rejected. Anthony, luckily, knew that school was about to end. Hey, for good. Never again will he see these people. He would never have to watch Molly laugh at him with her friends, the girl who left him broken-hearted and embarrassed. Anthony was incorrect, however.

Destructive Cycle

He did not show any signs of slowing down with each slice of pizza and chocolate cake he devoured. He would consume two-foot-long meatball subs with a big bottle of coke for breakfast, while lunch would consist of a KFC burger meal and a Magnum ice cream packet. Then Anthony would eat two big pizzas and another two-liter bottle of coke for dinner—meaning he ate about 10,000 calories a day.

Weighing Even More

Anthony topped the scales at nearly 300 pounds, stuck in a vicious loop and at his peak weight. He was made the victim of constant bullying and scornful looks everywhere he went due to his large size. And more than just a bullying target, his weight had a serious effect on his health.

Health Problems

Anthony was at risk for illnesses such as gallstones, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, coronary artery disease (CAD), stroke, and sleep apnea, among other disorders, while he was still a child. Overweight risks include liver disorders, hip development issues (slipped capital femoral epiphysis), or bone growth in the legs. But why didn’t he instantly attempt to lose weight?

Out Of Control

Anthony shared, “I sank into a major depression after that, which lasted years after high school ended. I never thought anyone could love me and that I’d be alone forever.” And the more he became depressed, the more he found solace in his food. Anthony continued, “I didn’t know how to eat properly and didn’t care. I was addicted to fast food.”

He Was Ashamed

Anthony felt too embarrassed because he was at such a heavy weight to go to the gym. Given the fact that when he walked around in public, he was exposed to such scorn and hurtful remarks, going to a gym full of fit people he thought would respond the same way was the last thing he wanted to do. Making fun of someone who is overweight for going to the gym is like making fun of someone hungry for going to a restaurant. It’s such a contradiction. A trip to the hospital, though, was about to change all that.

Visiting The Doctor

Anthony assumed that initially going to be a doctor’s check-up appointment ended up being a complete wake-up call. His doctor did tests, and the findings revealed that Anthony was going to get diabetes. Like a ton of bricks, the words reached Anthony. He realized there was something that he had to do about it and make some dramatic changes… Is it too late, though?

Making A Change

Anthony’s trip to the doctor made him aware that his lifestyle and eating habits had improved quickly. It was a matter of life or death, very literally. Anthony went to the gym for the first time in his life, and he also began to eat nutritious food. At first, it was hard, but finally, Anthony got into it. He began to educate himself on food and nutrition and carefully observed what he ate. He knew the journey would be long and boring, but it would be worth it. He will not give up, no way.

Change In Lifestyle

The secret to a balanced transition is to include a range of foods in your diet, all heavy on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, all in moderation. And it is not possible to overstate the value of consuming plenty of protein. This has been shown to improve metabolism by between 80 and 100 calories a day. High-protein diets can also decrease food cravings and intrusive thoughts and halve the need for late-night snacks. For Anthony, however, cutting out sugar was key.


Anthony shared, “When I was fat, I hated myself and never thought anyone could love me. All I wanted was to have a partner and family, so that motivated me to lose weight.” After a few weeks, he began seeing a difference in his body and feeling healthier than he had in years. Now, he was unstoppable.

New Lifestyle

Anthony worked out nearly every day and ate well. He traded pizzas for brown rice. He swapped chocolate for fruit – he was determined to prove everyone wrong. Finally, his weight began to drop. It was a lengthy and tiring transformation, but it was worth the outcome. With confidence, he was oozing. He felt satisfied, finally. But he had no idea that a visitor from his past was about to enter his life again.


Five years went by, and Anthony seemed entirely different from the 17-year-old he was once. To inspire people, he started a YouTube channel to use his words of wisdom to help improve people’s lives. He received a lot of female attention as well. He got over 1000 matches using the various dating apps out there! It was nuts. But Anthony didn’t have any idea what was going to happen.

An Unexpected Message

It was late in the afternoon, and at his nearby gym, Anthony had just completed a workout. He went home, ready for an early night, with endorphins flowing through his body. His phone beeped as he pulled into his driveway – he had received a call. He felt sick to his stomach when he saw who the message came from.

It Was From Molly

It was from Molly, the girl who had embarrassed him back in prom. How did she even get his cellphone number? What was she wanting? He had flashbacks to that humiliating night five years ago as he read the post. The night when the world of Antony had fallen apart. She had the nerve to give him a letter.

She Asked Him Out

Molly apologized in the message for what she did back in high school. But the message didn’t stop there. You see, she followed up on her apology by inviting Anthony to go with her on a date! Anthony was lost for words. He wasn’t going to stand for this. No way.

Getting Back At Her

When Molly humiliated him, Anthony was able to recall how mortified he felt. Never had he felt shame like that. He didn’t have any sympathy or time for her, nor did he want to give her a second thought. And what he did next left Molly as embarrassed as five years before, as she had made him. She just made it come to her.

He Ignored Her

You see, Anthony ignored the text entirely. He’ll forgive, but he’s never going to forget. This amazing man will now carry on living his life full of happiness that is rightly deserved. Never again would the bully who made his life a living hell hear from Anthony. And with that, Anthony was more than pleased.

Life-Changing Doctor Visit

Anthony revealed in an interview, “I never thought about my health until my doctor said I was about to get diabetes. I broke down in tears and realized I needed to change my life.” Anthony continued, “I stopped eating fast food and began cooking for myself. I also stepped foot into a gym for the first time back in 2014 and haven’t looked back.” But Anthony isn’t the only one who has made such an unbelievable transformation…

Obesity In The U.S.

In the US, obesity is an epidemic. Most individuals struggle with their weight. Even at the point of risky numbers, some Americans believe their weight will destroy them if they don’t act soon. Many individuals are struggling to find the will to get up and get rid of their weight. But enough was enough for one couple. They wanted to take care of their struggle with weight. And truly inspiring are the results!

Meet Lexi And Danny Reed

Two years ago, the Reeds didn’t look like that many. They were both overweight, and they were both complacent. But both were also satisfied. For whom she was, Danny fell in love with Lexi. Danny popped the question after ten years of being together and decided to make Lexi his wife. She was pleased with the proposal! But unfortunately, a 485-pound wedding isn’t the easiest thing to do. And the problems have just begun.

A Happy Couple

Though the couple was delighted with each other, their weight was still a problem. We were unable to enjoy doing everyday stuff together. No intimate beach bike trips or strolls. They were also struggling to get out for a meal and a movie. Truly, size can set anyone back. Danny and Lexi have been conscious of this. The couple sunk into a dangerous complacency thanks to their weight. And the medical problems have been scary.


Something weighed on Lexi, even though they had an incredible amount of love for each other. It put a burden on her to plan a wedding of such a large scale. She found herself struggling for everyday tasks to be done. It became an immense chore to see venues and suppliers. Lexi felt like a hostage instead of enjoying her schedule. And then the wedding dress that sent Lexi into a bad depression came along.

Dress That Fits

This bride had her job cut out for her, weighing in at a whopping 485 pounds. Not only did she need to find a wedding dress that matched her size, but she loved it. In her fairy tale dress, every bride dream of being married. This wasn’t so easy for Lexi, unfortunately. Her sheer tremendousness began to depress her. But in her heart, she knew the wedding must go on. Even if it wasn’t a dream come true.

Wedding Day

Without a hitch, the pair got married. Together, they enjoyed a gorgeous ceremony and made the most of their day. But her weight was playing in the back of Lexi’s mind forever. How long will it last, even if she had her dream guy? She and her husband find themselves, a year later, in a dangerous rut. Fast food, TV, and nothing else put her in extreme danger. And they planted a great seed.

She Wanted More

Lexi wanted more, even though she loved her husband. She dreamed of traveling all the time. But she was unable to fit into a plane seat because of her height. Lexi was interested in visiting Orlando. She decided to see Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. But there was no way to get there, due to her weight. Stuff for Lexi appeared hopeless. Before, she wanted to make a drastic change.

Too Much Love

Lexi had one thing, even though her dreams were slowly slipping away from her. She had her husband’s unconditional love, Danny. He was an excellent means of support for a woman who was overweight. He cared about her and, no matter what loved her. But caring has become the core of the problem. Danny started worrying about his bride too much. So much so, he started to kill her.

Wrong Kind Of Support

His help was not the right sort, even though Danny meant no harm. While binge-watching series and overindulging on sweets, he will be sitting idly with his mom. Never once did he think their dietary habits were a concern. But the more processed food that they consumed, the worse it became for Lexi. She regularly indulged in takeout food. And she was on a downward spiral without anyone to stop her. And then they got shocking news from the couple.

The Devastating News

Lexi received a devastating blow. She still dreamed of becoming a mother. But her chance of conceiving was poor due to her weight. This plunged her into depression spiraling. All that Lexi ever wanted was to be a wife! But for both her and her kids, her weight was a risk. She understood that it was important to do something. And then, she made such a remarkable improvement that it inspired the world.

Beating Obesity

Suddenly, Lexi’s desire to get better was overwhelming. She found it in herself to go and get up. And boy, the hard work has paid off! Eighteen months later, she and her husband, Danny, would not even be remembered. The pair were putting themselves in high gear. And the reports have been staggering. They are living a safer, lighter life now. And millions are inspired by her story! But not always has it been so simple. A massive issue nearly disrupted their progression.

Danny Joins In

Initially, husband Danny posed a threat to Lexi’s weight loss. He didn’t care about the concept of working out as hard as she wanted. Yet, he powered on due to his pure love and devotion. His wife inspired him to get off the couch and join her. And the couple started to soar with his support. Their advance was astounding. Even some of their mates hedged an odd bet on both of them.

Making A Bet

The couple’s friends decided to hedge a bet on the couple. They wagered that the pair wouldn’t make it through a month. So the stakes were lifted by Lexi! She proclaimed that they would practice five days a week for half an hour. Often, she vowed not to order take-out or drink alcohol. And her weight loss, as a result, took off like a wildfire. All thanks to a nice bet.

They Inspired Others

This power couple succeeded in inspiring millions. A little bit of persistence all around. The pair now lead safe, satisfying lives thanks to Lexi’s pregnancy scare. Their story was so inspiring that it became a viral phenomenon on the internet. Loreal Paris and TNT Drama have honored Lexi. They invited her to attend the Guild Awards 2018 for Screen Actors. The community viewed her as an inspiring individual. And, to this day, she continues to inspire everyone.

It Only Took Eighteen Months

In just eighteen months, this powerhouse lady had drastically changed her life. This is only going to explain how much a little dedication can achieve! The pair are also training together. They lead a balanced style of life and indulge in excellent healthy foods. To many, they are a true inspiration and should be respected by all. If one couple has the opportunity to do it, so do all of us!