Facials That Will Change Your Life

Published on 02/12/2020

There is no feeling like the one after a fantastic facial. That glowing, dewy look and smooth skin sensation and of course your shrunken pores- the best! With tons of facials, products and techniques to choose from it can be pretty overwhelming/ Finding what works for you can be tricky too, but we’ve listed the best facials on the market that are simply a complete experience. One of them will be sure to leave ou extra relaxed and with that magnificent, fresh-face glow.

Facials That Will Change Your Life


This incredible treatment can cost up to £230 for 45 minutes. Finding yourself breaking out in blackheads and spots? This facial is all yours, as it cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates and is packed with antioxidant defense mechanisms. The facial is great for evening skin tone, smoothing a wrinkle or two and breaking down the build-up in acne-prone skin. This facial feels fabulous and is an experience as the little suction machine releases all the dirt stuck in your pores and fills them with serum instead. Some even opt for this instead of Botox- truly a great spend.

Sunday Riley Ice Clear Facial

This Ice Clear facial is fo congested skin specifically- and should only be done on such skin. It is the first signature facial treatment from the brand and costs £120 per hour. If you are not a fan of spa’s this is perfect for you as it is exclusively found at Hershesons. It pumps hydration into the skin, brightens it whilst killing those spots and cleaning it all at the same time. The experience continues with CRYO therapy to reduce inflammation and a blue LED light to ensure all bacteria is purged. They have truly covered all domains with this one.

Valmont Energy Ritual

This 60-minute treatment at The Dorchester will cost you £165 for 60 minutes. This spa experience is purely lush- you will feel like absolute royalty in your gown and slippers as well as receive a personalized note in your locker. This facial is a more gentle approach and fits all skin types, the highlight is the cooling mask which hydrates and heals as well as a butterfly facial massage.

Vampire Facial

This £700 treatment has become extremely popular amongst celebs worldwide. What is all the hype about? Well, they draw blood, run it through a centrifuge to isolate platelets. Whilst this is happening you undergo micro-needling and microdermabrasion and then for the main event- your PRP’s are rubbed into your face with a tad of radiofrequency if you wish. This process boosts the skis energy and increases all the nutrients found in the skin such as elastin and collagen.