The Best Immune Boosting Foods That Are Better Than Any Medicine

Published on 04/29/2021

Food is not only delicious, but also very important for your health! It does not only keep you strong, but also has a big influence on your health. Some foods are so powerful, that they are working better than any medicine.

The Best Immune Boosting Foods That Are Better Than Any Medicine

Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the best power foods out there! It doesn’t only taste delicious, but will keep you healthy and fit. Ginger is not only boosting your immune system, but also contains gingerol, which works like medicine. Furthermore, ginger is the perfect food if you want to lose some weight, strengthen your heart or want to keep your stomach healthy. A great way to consume ginger, is in form of ginger tea. All you need for that is 1/2 ginger, lemon, mint and hot water. Cut the ginger into pieces and put it in a cup. Now add the mint and then squeeze the lemon juice in and now just pour hot water into it. Leave it for a few minutes and you are ready to drink the real immune booster drink.

Greek Yogurt

It might not seem like it, but Greek yogurt is one of the most healthy foods there are. It contains a high level of probiotics and proteins, that are keeping your body in a good shape and are preventing diseases. Research even discovered, that a high probiotic diet, leads to a stronger immune system, hence people who eat foods with a high amount of probiotics don’t get sick that fast. In order to prevent colds or flues, a great way to in cooperate Greek yogurt in your daily diet is for example for breakfast. Just add some fresh fruits to it and some granola and you delicious power food breakfast is ready to go.


Blueberries are another food, which is known to have very strong properties. The fruits are very high in antioxidants and therefore will give your immune system a real boost! Furthermore, they protect your cholesterol levels, helps against Cancer and helps lowering blood pressure. Eating blueberries a few times a week will help you strengthen your immune system as well as your metabolism and help to prevent diseases such as cancer etc. You can either eat your blueberries fresh, on top of a yogurt or in a smoothie. For a delicious blueberry smoothie, all you need are 2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 1/2 cups of frozen blueberries, 1 1/2 cups of frozen bananas and 1/4 cup of almond butter. Just put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well. And in no time you delicious, healthy and immune boosting shake is ready to be enjoyed!


Did you know that tomatoes are real power vegetables. They have high levels of vitamin C and therefore will strengthen your immune system. They are also full of antioxidant lycopene, potassium, vitamin K and many other vitamins, which are crucial for a healthy body! Tomatoes are easy to prepare and simply delicious. You can either just put them in a salad, add them to your pasta, or make delicious caprese (tomatoes with mozzarella and balsamic) out of it.
With these power foods your immune system will stay strong and protect you from diseases.