10 Weirdest Dishes You Won’t Believe People Eat

Published on 08/31/2014

Take a trek around the world and you will discover people eating a number of strange things. Many foods considered weird for some are quite normal for others. Here are ten weirdest dishes you won’t believe people eat.

1. Foods rats have eaten and the chance to take any morsel into their mouth is considered an honor for some brave travelers. These rats are called Kabbas and people travel many miles to eat pieces of food eaten on by these rodents.


2. On the opposite end of the spectrum, rats are eaten as a standard meal in some places, served up with vegetables and bread like any dish of pork, beef or poultry.


3. People in Cambodia eat fried tarantulas and in parts of Africa, Gorilla meat is eaten as easy as roasted turkey. What is eaten by the populace depends upon what is available in the region.


4. Silk worms are eaten in Korea; this is a dish that takes a bit of effort to eat, even for Koreans.


5. Dogs and horses are two meats eaten as easily as beef and chicken. These foods are quite normal depending upon which side of the globe a person lives on.


6. Ox intestine stuffed with goats entrails hung out to dry is a delicious treat in some countries. This food is prepared and left out to dry in the sun.


7. Rotting plants chopped sown and placed in the ground to rot is turned into porridge, a kind of flour and a cheese like texture that feeds hundreds of people.


8. Raw camel combined with spices is a common meal in some countries. However, eating any meat raw without the benefit of cooking leaves the body open to parasites. This food is served with hot spices and dipping sauces.


9. The Puffer Fish secretes a deadly poison yet it is one of the world’s unique delicacies. The poison in this fish is 1200 time more lethal than cyanide yet thousands eat it every year. It is considered if properly prepared to be safe but eating this fish is a deadly risk.


10. Chocolate covered ants have long been a special treat around the world. For those with a taste for these items they are very enjoyable.