9 Genius Travel Tips

Published on 07/17/2014

Lets take a look at some tips that will take your travel up an extra notch. Whether going on vacation or taking business trips, travel is stressful at times and can be out of your control. Keep these 9 genius tips in mind next time you hit the air, road or sea.

9 Key Travel Tips:

1. Read the traveler reviews

Pretty much anywhere you go these days you can look up the reviews online. Airlines, restaurants, attractions, hotels and nightlife should all be covered here. There’s so much information out there you’ll know where to go and what to do at all times for your entire trip. A trip is always good when having something to look forward to with your itinarary filled.


2. Buy travel insurance

It’s a good idea especially if others are involved with your luggage. It’s an awful feeling waiting for your luggage when you get off the plane, and never see it. Even on a cruise, you run a risk of at least damaging your luggage or have it stolen. And if you think about it, you have auto insurance, so traveling by car, your already insured. But, if staying in a hotel, you can still place insurance on your luggage as well.


3. Choose reputable travel websites

Get rid of the middleman and added fees. So many websites these days have contracts with the direct travel options, so they don’t have to charge the excessive fees you may get with a travel agent.


4. Make sure to have your own entertainment

The three I’s: I-Pad, I-Phone, I-Pod, are all essential on a trip.


5. Carry a small hand sanitizer

Nothing is worse than getting sick on a trip. Not saying this will stop it, but you encounter a lot more objects that aren’t your own in which something can spread. At least having clean germ free hands helps.


6. Negotiate

Any time you get screwed over in your travels, negotiate for an upgrade or something to be compensated. It’s not your fault the hotel overbooked or there’s a mechanical error on a plane.


7. Look for Free Parking

Spending $25/day in your hotel is expensive. Walk a few blocks, it’s exercise for all those calories you eat out.

Free Parking Sign

8. Don’t be scared to look at last minute deals

If you get the urge and want to travel with your love one or friends, last minute deals are available. Airlines need to fill seats, cruises need to be booked and hotel rooms can’t stay vacant.


9. Maximize your phone

They can do everything these days, especially useful when your out of town. Just make sure you charge it overnight.